Secrets you should know about makeup wipes!

Secrets you should know about makeup wipes!

How easy is it to grab for that pack of makeup wipes at the end of the day, run it over your face and call it good?  That makeup wipes could be aging you and you don't even realize it!

Makeup wipes don't actually completely remove makeup and often leave a residue on your face.  If you have dry or sensitive skin, this can be even more problematic as wipes can contain high amounts of alcohol and other chemicals which are irritating and drying to your skin.  On top of all that, wipes are NOT biodegradable, which means they're bad for the planet!

I personally only keep wipes on hand to clean up the back of my hand (often used as my palette), fix some eye shadow fallout or wipe off some of my personal tools if I'm in a hurry.

Here are some alternatives to consider (and some of my favs)

Micellar (Japanese Cleansing) Water (Farmasi Micellar Water)

Bi-Phase Makeup Remover (great for waterproof products)

Cleansing balm (Elemis Cleansing Balm with Collagen)

Cleansing oil (Dermalogica Cleansing Oil)

Sleeping with makeup, even a small amount, can make your skin look dull, lead to breakouts and accelerate the aging process, which none of us want right!? So toss the wipes and your skin will thank you.

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